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The Steele-Reese Foundation

Summary: The Steele-Reese Foundation is a charitable trust committed to supporting rural communities and the nonprofit organizations that s...

Award Description: Award amounts vary. The minimum grant awarded by the Foundation is $5,000.
Arizona Criminal Justice Commission (ACJC)

Summary: The Arizona Criminal Justice Commission is publishing this notice to announce the solicitation of the Arizona Residential Substanc...

Award Description: Approximately $357,138 available ($267,854 Federal and $89,284 match funds). There is a 25% cost share requirement. Award amounts ...
South Dakota Governor's Office of Economic Development

Summary: South Dakota's CDBG program is funded through an annual formula allocation from the US Department of Housing and Urban Develop...

Award Description: Funding levels are based on variety of factors including application requests, benefit to low and moderate income populations, nat...

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